OjodePez. V Photo Meeting Barcelona ’15

OjodePez Photo Meeting Barcelona is an international meeting organised by La Virreina Image Centre and La Fábrica. On 15, 16 and 17 July it will host portfolio viewings, roundtables, talks, workshops and lectures open to the public where participants and visitors can share new experiences with renowned photographers such as Olivia Arthur, Cristina García Rodero, Marco Casino, Samuel Bollendorff, Laia Abril and Mariela Sancari.


The fifth edition of OjodePez Photo Meeting Barcelona will focus on the artists and explore publishing, multimedia and exhibition work to gain an insight into their processes, partnerships and ways of working. There will be a workshop on selecting images and forms of production where participants can hone their editing skills. The programme also includes a call for applications from photographers interested in presenting a slideshow of their work and masterclasses every afternoon in the courtyard at La Virreina.


This annual event aims to offer a space where specialists, photographers and interested participants can share experiences, take part in debates in areas of interest and discover new work by artistic photographers, as well as learn about Spanish and international projects and ways of working. It also offers professional and educational opportunities.






Virreina Image Centre (Palau de la Virreina, La Rambla, 99, Barcelona) aims to promote contemporary art and act as a platform for analysing emerging cultural policies from a critical perspective.