What is OjodePez PhotoMeeting Barcelona


OjodePez. III Photo Meeting Barcelona '13

OjodePez Photo Meeting Barcelona is an international photography meeting organised by La Fábrica and La Virreina Image Centre inspired by OjodePez documentary photography magazine.


The meeting seeks to foster dialogue and debate as the cornerstones for the future development of documentary photography at a time when so much information comes from the internet.


Held over 26, 27 and 28 June 2013, the event will feature portfolio viewings, lectures, photographers’ slideshows, conversations, and talks open to the public, where the invited guests and those signed up can share new experiences with the likes of James Nachtwey, Gervasio Sánchez, Samuel Aranda, Rena Effendi and Bernat Armangué.


The 2013 OjodePez Photo Meeting will focus on professionals working in situations of war and conflict. Over these three days, photographers, journalists and editors will talk about their work and the key role played by images and words in documenting and revealing what is happening.


OjodePez Photo Meeting Barcelona aims to:


  • Attract leading international documentary photographers and bring together major figures in the industry in one place for three days.
  • Give a boost to local groups by forging ties with top practitioners worldwide.
  • Work closely with galleries, studios, museums and other agents that work regularly in the documentary photography industry to give them a voice and a network.



Virreina Image Centre (Palau de la Virreina, La Rambla, 99, Barcelona) is a space for promoting contemporary art that becomes a platform offering a critical analysis of emerging cultural policies.