Programa OdP

Program. OjodePez. III Photo Meeting Barcelona '13

The program can change. All the updates will be announce on the website.

You can download the program at this link.




12.00h Conference
War journalism
Ramon Lobo, Angela Rodicio and Bernat Armangué


13.00h Projections
Arantxa Cedillo and Xavier Cervera


13.00h Coffee with
Jon Levy


12.00 a 14.00h Portfolio Reviews


16.00h Conference
The new market place: Storytelling and Community building in the digital age
Tina Arhens y Karim Ben Khalifa


17.00h Projections
Matias Costa and Javier Arcenillas


17.00h Coffee with
Lucy Conticello


18.00h Face to face
Magdalena Herrera and Rena Effendi


16.00 a 19.00h Portfolio Reviews


Opening talk. Open to the public
20.00h Conference
James Nachtwey




10.30 a 14.00h Portfolio Reviews


10.30h Round table
Women photojournalist today
Anastasia Taylor Lind, Rena Effendi and Mónica Allende


11.30h Coffee with
Magdalena Herrera


12.00h Projections
Mari Luz Vidal and Joan Pujol Creus


13.00h Meeting
James Nachtwey


10.30 a 14.00h Portfolio reviews


16.00h Conference
Samuel Aranda


17.00h Photo colectives projections
Ruido photo, Pandora, Calle 35 y Phacto


17.30h Coffee with
Matt Shonfeld


16.00 a 19.00h Portfolio reviews


20h Conference open to the public
31.778086, 35.235378 and other graphic coverage
Bernat Armangue




10.00h a 15.00h Workshop
The eyes of the war
Gervasio Sánchez


10.30 a 14.00h Portfolio reviews


11.30h Round table
Photo Agencies: do photographers need them?
Franco Pagetti, Matt Shonfeld and Evelien Kunt


13.00h Projections
Alfons Rodriguez and Alvaro Deprit


16.00 a 19.00h Portfolio reviews


16.30h Coffee with
Franco Pegatti


17.00h Face to face
Gervasio Sánchez y Pepe Font de Mora


17.00h Face to face
Jon Levy y Anastasia Taylor-Lind


20h Conference opne to the public
War is not a show
Gervasio Sánchez