What is OjodePez PhotoMeeting Barcelona


OjodePez. IV Photo Meeting Barcelona ’14

OjodePez Photo Meeting Barcelona is an international photography meeting organised by La Fábrica and La Virreina Image Centre inspired by OjodePez magazine.


The meeting aims to spark dialogue and debate between specialists, photographers and participants with an interest in documentary photography. The programme includes current issues, photography work and a professional educational section.


On 11, 12 and 13 June 2014 there will be portfolio viewings, seminars, photographers’ slideshows, conversations and talks open to the public, where participants and attendees will be able to share new experiences with the likes of Martin Parr, Joan Fontcuberta, Martin Kollar, Txema Salvans and Raphaël Dallaporta, among others.


The 4th edition of OjodePez Photo Meeting Barcelona will focus on non-conformist photography. Taking Martin Parr’s exhibition The Non-Conformists as a springboard, the meeting will invite a series of photographers who explore documentary photography from a perspective that puts the individual first and foremost. At times ironic, at others non-conformist, these highly personal visions are all spontaneous portraits of specific environments, offering either rebellious visions or a keen eye on the society’s past and present. These visions will be shown over the three days to reveal new viewpoints in documentary photography.


OjodePez Photo Meeting Barcelona aims to:

  • Attract the top Spanish and international names in documentary photography and bring a large number of them to Barcelona over the three days
  • Strike up dialogue between professionals
  • Work together with galleries, museums and other agents in the documentary photography industry looking for a professional space at OjodePez Photo Meeting Barcelona

The venue


Virreina Image Centre (Palau de la Virreina, La Rambla, 99. Barcelona) is a contemporary art space that has become a platform offering a critical perspective on emerging cultural policies.