Join. OjodePez. IV Photo Meeting Barcelona ’14

Registration open.

You can now sign up for the OjodePez Photo Meeting Barcelona, to be held on 11, 12 and 13 June 2014.


Signing-up for the event lets you attend all the activities (talks, debates, face-to-face conversations and slideshows) and present your photography portfolio to a four of experts. If you want to know which experts will view your portfolio, click here.


You will have four appointments
Tim Clark

Erik Vroons

Iñaki Domingo

Caroline Hunter

Diego Orlando

Mauro Bedoni

Andreas Müller-Pohle

Marloes Krijnen – COMPLETE-

Jim Casper






The workshop will be held over two days.


On the morning of the first day, the photographer and the participants will be introduced. Each participant should bring examples of their work and explain what they aim to say; these individual presentations will help participants get to know each other.


The practical work will get under way in the afternoon with participants talking photographs for a commonly agreed reportage. Everyone will choose a subject they want to work on, but participants will have to be flexible, since, just as in the world of the press, you can’t turn up with empty hands—you have to have the work done. At the end, all the group members will get together and walk for an hour to settle on the shots taken by everyone. Once in class, the participants will talk about their experience, the obstacles overcome, etc..


On the morning of the second day, each participant should bring the chosen images printed out as an A4 contact print to be selected and arranged to give them a meaning and, above all, a composition, bearing in mind the goal of publishing them in the print media or for a publishing project.


In the afternoon, the workshop will end with a general discussion of the final results to deal with any queries on the profession and the times we live in.



Photography is all about doing—action is its identity.


Luis Baylón



  • Activities only (3 days): € 60
  • Activities and viewing: € 150
  • Activities and workshop: € 150


Methods of payment:


Online (credit card)
Is necessary to fill out the inscription form, above, before the payment

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Bank transfer
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Bank: The Box

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Account: 2100 0721 0002 0059 1293

IBAN: ES26 21000721000200591293


Purpose: ODP Meeting + desired option and your name


Once you have filled in the form and confirmed your method of payment, you will receive a confirmation email.


You can pick up your accreditation for the event during the meeting (11, 12 and 13 June) by presenting your ID at the accreditation stands at La Virreina Image Centre.


Virreina Image Centre

Palau de la Virreina

La Rambla, 99

08002 Barcelona



If you have any queries regarding the registration process or experience any payment problems after sending the form, you can contact us at:




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